Madison Arm Resort.

Things to see and do while in West Yellowstone, Montana…

Bison on the road to Madison Arm Resort.  Photo courtesy Aaron Frizzell, PhotographerIf you are not an angler, there is still much to see and do here. Our location teems with wildlife - moose, elk and whitetail deer are frequent visitors. Chipmunks, squirrels, and golden mantles proliferate around the campground. There are also the occasional bison, some porcupine, and civit cat (skunk) activity in this area. Birds of all description can be spotted from our location, including the American bald eagle, blue heron, osprey, pelicans, and trumpeter swans.

#101, a female grizzly bear at the Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone.  Photo courtesy Aaron Frizzell, PhotographerWe are 8 miles from Yellowstone Park's west gate and all its many wonders. Virginia City and Nevada City are within easy driving distance, and the City of West Yellowstone has many gift shops, restaurants, live theatre, museum, and other attractions worth seeing, including the Grizzly Center and the IMAX Theater. Come and enjoy under the "Big Sky"

Madison Arm Resort
5475 Madison Arm Road
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